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Why Laser Treatment?

1. No Stitches
2. 30 - 45 Min Procedure
3. Can join work with in 2 Days

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Don't Delay Laser Treatment

1. Extreme Pain While Sitting
2. Bleeding in Stool
3. Infection

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Why Agnivesh Clinic?

1. 10% off on diagnostics 2. Confidential Consultation 3. Free follow ups post surgery.

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What is Hemorrhoids (बवासीर) ?

Hemorrhoids' or 'Piles' are blood vessels within the walls of rectum and anal canal. Hemorrhoids occurs when these blood vessels swell and the tissue above them gets stretched as a result. This process creates a sac-like structure which gets further strained during our bowel movement, thereby causing pain and discomfort.

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Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

1. Blood while passing Stools
Itching 2. Painful hard lump in rectum
3. Swelling in anal region
4. Bright red blood while passing stool

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1. Since the home remedies fail to deliver positive results, it becomes necessary to consult the nearest Hemorrhoids surgeon. There are several types of Hemorrhoids treatment available. 3. Medication & Home remedies 4. Traditional Open Surgery 5. Most advanced laser treatment.

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What is the cost of Laser Piles Treatment?

1. Cost of piles laser treatment depends on following factor: 2. Grade of piles (grade I, grade II, grade III, IV) 3. Technology used 4. Any other pre-existing medical condition

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Is Hemorrhoids/Piles Completely curable with laser surgery?

Yes, Hemorrhoids/Piles completely curable with laser surgical treatment, if one follows after surgery to-dos as prescribed by Doctor.

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How Painful it is to opt for laser treatment of Hemorrhoids/Piles?

At Pristyn Care, we use most advanced pieces of equipment for each Piles laser treatment and minimal procedural pain to get rid of piles.

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